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Abstract Circles

Things To Do!

       These activities pertain to the story Who Will Save the Desert? book.

So many things can be made using recycled materials. Children should be introduced to this concept of reusing and upcycling items. This practice can ultimately aid the environment and affect the costs in households. Try

a few of the ideas below, but the sky is the limit when it comes to MAKING!

Be a Litter Critter - Join the Trash/Recycle Loop!

Construct a Trash Dash Kit!

When going on an outing, such as a hike, a picnic, a bike ride, take along supplies

to pick up litter...SAFELY! Include: bags, grabber, gloves, mask, hand cleaner...

Never pick up litter that someone else dropped without protection. Use gloves, a grabber, even a stick. Carefully place items in a bag. Tie the top so none of the trash falls out. Be sure to wash your hands!  Ask an adult for help...and share this idea with friends and family....Let's clean up all our lands!

Fashion a Fabric Mask

Be a protector!

No sew masks are quick and simple to make. Many different patterns are available online, especially those for kids. Using recycled fabrics is the way to go. Try old T-shirts, kitchen towels, leggings, jeans, pillowcases, scarves and bandanas. Help

protect others!

Recycle Food Wrappers

Be a challenger!

So many creative ways to use snack wrappers. Select the wrappers to recycle into crafts or your own art!  This can be fun!   

Need glue, scissors, maybe modpodge and anything else that will help with your idea.

  • wrapping paper with bows

  • bookmark or book cover

  • mosaic design art for wall

  • hair bow or bow tie

  • jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces

  • vase or cover a box for special treasures

Many food wrappers are made from strong materials and will last a while for projects.

Create a Sculpture

Be a creator!

So many beautiful sculptures can be made using a wide variety of recycled household items. Collect an assortment of objects that are headed for the trash or recycling bin: buttons, keys, screws, pieces of wood, or fabric. Design an abstract piece of art. The selection is endless!

Make a Bookmark

Be a recycler!

Using paper or cardboard for a usable item can be interesting. Make a bookmark or card from a cereal box, comic strips, junk mail and other papers off to the recycling bin. Find a sturdy base, such as a cereal box to cut a strip (about 6 inches X 1.5 inches). Cut thinner paper, like junk mail with a fun design or draw your own picture and glue it to the strip.  Punch a hole in the top and use recycled ribbon, yarn, or old key chain to attach. For a card, using a sturdy paper, decorate with cut outs from various sources, such as junk mail or comics. Keep for yourself or send as a gift!

Construct Building Blocks

Be inventive!

Making a set of blocks from a variety of boxes is fun and easy! Use large shipping boxes to make huge structures like a walk-in fort or castle or even a rocket. Smaller boxes such as cereal or cracker boxes make great little cities or mini towers. The boxes can be taped with colorful duct tape. Cover with fabric, color with crayons/marker or leave natural. For sturdier boxes, stuff the boxes with old newspapers.  Build away!

Pick Cloth Napkins

Plant an Herb/Veggie Garden

Be a grower!

This can be fun and wildly creative. Find an old boot, an old drawer, or some other goofy container to make your own garden. You may need to drill a hole in the bottom so adults can help.  Place some rocks in the bottom and mix some homemade compost with the soil. then select your plants or seeds and follow the package directions. Choose herbs, tomatoes, lettuce...the list is endless. Eat healthy!

Make a Game

Be a genius!

Using a wide variety of recycled materials, a game can be made. Find items such as bottle caps, safe-edged tin cans, paper rolls, string, junk mail, cartons and more. Design a game to play with friends and family by setting the rules and designing the game pieces.  Maybe the entire family, group of friends or a class of students would want to work on this together.  

Be a paper saver!

Instead of using paper napkins that are purchased in a store, make your own.  Choose colorful bandannas, washcloths or dish need to sew...just choose your colors, designs, and sizes. If you sew or know someone who does, you can cut fabrics, such as towels, or olds shirts into squares and sew the edges with a hem.  Wash and reuse!  

Produce a Vase/Planter

Be an artist!

Glass jars from jelly, mayonnaise or sauces provide a variety of sizes and shapes to create a fabulous home for cut flowers or a houseplant. It makes a nice gift! Decorate the container using paint, old jewelry, ribbons, buttons and other small objects like keys or rocks. Enjoy nature!

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