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Abstract G


The books cover these general areas of reading...

  • Language/interest level are focused on ages:       4 to 9 years

  • Reading level varies about:                                   1st to 4th grade

  • Vocabulary level about:                                         2nd to 4th grade   

  • Concept(s) can be taught:                                      K and UP            

Goals of all the books:

  1. To develop increased curiosity/use of language and vocabulary.

  2. To share the idea that reading can be fun!

  3. To expose readers to a variety of timely societal topics.
  4. To provide a jump start in expanding learning on various life issues.

GOALS for Who Will Save the Desert? 

  1. To promote an interest in learning about the desert flora and fauna.

  2. To identify the defense mechanisms of some desert creatures.

  3. To instill a desire to protect world deserts and other natural areas.

  4. To encourage involvement in trash pick-up and recycling programs.

GOALS for Marshall's BIG Discovery

  1. To identify the uniqueness of individuals' differences/similarities.

  2. To instill a desire to accept others for WHO they want to be.

  3. To promote an interest in learning about various cultures.

  4. To encourage involvement in community events.

"Knowledge is power.”

Sir Francis Bacon

discovered the scientific method

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