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Story Critters

Animals are wonderful characters to use in books and offer a variety of ways for kids to learn lessons. Most kids enjoy animals and can relate to the experiences animals portray in a story.

The activities below are included to promote further exploration. Each activity can be adapted for home, school, museum, camp or an organization willing to continue the mission to save our deserts and the goal to learn acceptance of others.

Bird Silhouettes

The animals need our help!

Main Animals in the Stories

  • regal horned lizard

  • bark scorpion

  • diamondback rattlesnake

  • kangaroo rat

  • desert tortoise

  • turkey vulture

  • house mouse


Animals to Research

  • roadrunner

  • bobcat

  • javelina

  • coyote

  • elf owl

  • types of lizards

  • Gila Montster

  • various birds/raptors


  1. Research information about the animals that live in the desert. Learn more about their habitats, behaviors and defenses.

  2. Visit a museum, zoo or animal park to see the types of animals that live in the desert and other natural areas. Identify the nocturnal and diurnal animals.

  3. Invite a speaker from a park, a museum or zoo to share information about various animals-those in your area as well as those in other locations.
  4. Write a letter to staff at a National Park to find out about their animal related programs.

  5. Investigate the types of animals that live in other natural areas near your community.  

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