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It has been a long road...a journey that resulted in published works. Beginning in the Midwest as a child, Judy was absorbed in books. She would read for hours and found sheer delight in the incredible and imaginary world of words.  

She vividly, yet fondly remembers a time when she was ill for several weeks in bed, missing school. Her parents were focused on education and her father was an avid reader, so he bought her a set of books... He often told her:

  • reading opens your mind to the world

  • you can go places you may never see

  • you can become someone you might not be

  • you can create your own dreams

The set of books was banned from many libraries, stating the story line had no worth to children. She believes "they" were very, very wrong!  The set of books she loved? The Wonderful World of Oz

             It was the start of a most incredible journey. 

Judy's writing style sets the tone for the identified goals in the books she writes for children. Her training in language acquisition, early childhood education, brain development, special education, along with her work covering a wide variety of age and ability groups, helps her focus on improving kids' language indirectly. She breaks conventional rules of writing picture books, spattering her stories with alliteration, rhyming words, similes and metaphors, and perhaps a difficult word now and then. She hopes all of these literary tweaks will help kids soar in reading skills. She strives to enlighten kids about language so they gain a growing desire to read more and often!

Although she strives for realistic illustrations of animals and backgrounds, she does include animals who speak...on occasion. But then, kids talk to animals...real ones, stuffed ones, and those in books. She believes it would be a more wonderful world if animals truly shared conversations with kids (or do they?) and helped teach children some of the lessons of life...especially those related to our environment and interacting with one another. Kids would be inspired to do more as they grow up to save our precious lands and protect the animals...all of which we need to survive! And, they would better understand how all creatures have unique and varied qualities that should be celebrated and embraced.

Her works have been previewed by kids, educators, speech language pathologists, parents, biologists, naturalists, scientists, various sectors of key professionals and other authors. She embeds a lesson in each of her books and backs it up with educational activities so adults will continue to share educational experiences with children either through a supplemental page in the book or on the website.

Paris Kids Publishing began as a one-woman endeavor and in a few short years blossomed into a group of hardworking family members, spread across three states and freely giving of their time and expertise. Judy writes and manages details, while finances are done by her husband. Close behind, but ahead of the curve, are her daughter, (MEd-Educator) handling main edits and advice…her son, (degrees in marketing/ photography) creating design and layout while adding edits and marketing advice…her daughter-in-law, (an LCSW) proofreading content and layout finals, with grandsons, critiquing drafts, giving advice from a kid’s perspective and providing thoughtful comments about the world at large.  

The journey continues...what better way than with family! 

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" is a reward in life to have taught children."

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