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Marshall's BIG Discovery

The Inspiration
for this
Beautiful Nature

Our journey to change the world of acceptance!

Inspiration for this book, Marshall's BIG Discovery, came many years ago, when I was working with children who had various learning styles and needs.  Some had low cognitive abilities, some were deaf or blind, and others demonstrated behavioral issues.  As the years passed, I noticed an increasing problem with how these children were treated by others. Then, most recently, society took a major turn in spotlighting the treatment of so many people across the world.  It was time to get the message out for children. There are many books on the topic of diversity~acceptance, tolerance, and respect~but I hope this book will help identify that even a person with a difference, sometimes does not see the positivity of it.

The information provided in the book and on this site is merely a guide for adults to pursue and engage in conversations and activities with children about human differences. Each adult who cares for or is directly connected to a child has influence on the belief system that child will develop as an adult.  But, ideas can change and do evolve as society changes and a person grows. We must provide a strong foundation.

The theme of this story is about celebrating differences while showing respect and acceptance towards others.  Diversity is defined as a range of different things.  Human diversity is the practice of equality for all variations of people. 

Shall we wonder...    Why do people treat one another unkindly sometimes?      
                                     How can we make things better?                                                        
                                     What could I do on a large scale to help kids understand?

          KIDS accept many but are influenced by sources around them.  
          KIDS are smart.
          KIDS can make a difference. 

          KIDS are the emerging future! 

                    Marshall was created and hopefully will inspire kids to think about how they interact with other people
                                                            and ultimately what they think of themselves.

                                                   Humans are doubt about it!
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"...truly a lesson that should inspire readers in all parts of the world."

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