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Judy L. Paris - Author

Judy Paris dreams…of beaches and kaleidoscopes and kids at play. She travels, she makes things, she loves animals, she is enchanted by nature, and she adores her family.


Equally an Illinois native and an Arizona transplant she developed a love of nature early in childhood … from camping and stargazing to saving spiders and snakes. In respect of the environment, she recycles, composts, grows food, upcycles, and conserves resources.


She gained an appreciation of language and reading from her father, a spunky spirit from her mother, a sense of humor from her brothers, a love of art and creativity from her grandfather*, and compassion for the future from her children.


One highlight of her life was being an educator**. After 40 years working with children and managing educational programs, she created a science/arts based museum as a means to enrich young minds. She pursues her desire for positive social messages to permeate the brains of the young, so they will be better prepared to face the unknown world of tomorrows. 


Most of all she has hopes…

     ~that the world becomes safer,

     ~that our lands become cleaner,

     ~that animals are more protected,

     ~and that future generations can enjoy the beauty 

       of the world in every aspect of its existence

       and live as happy as possibly can be!


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*    Grandfather was iconic circus sideshow banner artist, Fred G. Johnson, "The Picasso of Circus Art".

**  Judy holds Master's Degrees in Special Education, Elementary Education, Early Childhood and completed coursework for an EdD in Educational Administration. During her career, she was a Teacher, Director, Superintendent and Adjunct Faculty before retiring. She       received numerous awards and published a variety of educational books/texts for various publishing companies.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein

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