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Free Poster in each desert book purchased while supplies last.

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Cover Price each...$18.95 USD

plus tax and shipping*/book


Returned books cannot be accepted.

Wholesale price list upon request with retail verification


*Media Rate Shipping which may change pending location

and number of books purchased

"enticing tales of superb action!"

The books are printed using soy ink and paper that is ecologically sourced to save trees.  

Books are shipped media rate in recycled boxes.

What People Say...about
Who Will Save the Desert?

"gentle but powerful!"

What People Say...about
Marshall's BIG Discovery

As one of the driest places on earth, the desert is a hard place for an animal to live. Despite the challenges of finding food and water, and a place to hide, the deserts are home to thousands of animal species. It is important to understand that we must share the desert with other species. It is our responsibility to ensure that we do not damage natural habitats with our activities or harm the plants and animals. The deserts of Arizona and the world are amazing places!

Jarrett R. Johnson, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology WKU

"purely delightful!"

"This book will warm the hearts of readers as we all know someone like Marshall who strives to be accepted by others. "

"simply stated making a powerful point!"

"a desert tale that will make your heart bloom!"

In simple words and beautiful pictures, this book tells the story of desert creatures working together to survive in their environment. This story engages the reader to join forces  and solve a problem.  

Bruce Bayly, PhD

Co-Founder Physics Factory

Math Professor U of A

This book brings our beautiful Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants to life. Readers will enjoy learning about the residents living in the desert and the challenges for survival that they face. We can all help to save our deserts. This is an enjoyable story that will raise awareness of a problem for generations to come!

Nancy Campbell, Educator/Principal/ National Reading Consultant

"In this sweet story, Marshall demonstrates the importance of valuing each other's differences and finding a place for everyone to exist as each wants to BE."

Gabrielle DeLeone, Regional Educator Network Director, Oregon


A cute tale to reach kids about the desert and the challenge it faces.

Jeremy Babendure PhD

Executive Director SciTech Institute-Arizona and Associate Professor ASU

"stories of utmost importance in our times!"

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