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Story Map

Define Story Map

A reading strategy to aid a reader in learning the elements of a story or book. A Story Map is designed in the format of a graphic organizer to demonstrate the separate details of the story such as characters, plot, setting, issues and solutions. 


Purpose of a Story Map

  • To improve a reader’s comprehension

  • To provide visual organization for the elements of a story

  • To help readers learn to organize information


Graphic Organizer

There are different types of Story Map organizers and one is included here as a PDF. 


For younger students the use of a more basic outline of a story, using a simple 3 part map may be best. It would include: beginning of the story, middle of the story and ending of the story. For older students a Story Map can be expanded to include traits of a character, details of sub settings and so on.


How to Use a Story Map Organizer

  1. Read the story or book to a reader without interruptions.

  2. Discuss the main elements of the story based on what they heard.

  3. Provide each reader with a copy of the Story Map Organizer and explain how to use it.

  4. Allow readers to either listen to the story being read again or read the story independently as they complete the story map. 

  5. Upon completely reading the story, readers should fill in any blank parts.

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