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Who Will Save the Desert?

Western Scenery
The Inspiration
for this
Inspiration for the book, "Who Will Save the Desert?",  came during a trip to the Sonoran Desert for a brief hike in the beautiful saguaro populated lands. Peering at some of the most majestic plants on earth, while watching a hawk fly overhead, I noticed a strange sound nearby. I was dumbfounded to find a deflated scarlet-colored balloon, stuck on a barrel cactus, flopping in the light breeze. Now, I love joyful celebrations…and balloons can definitely be part of the fun…but what was a balloon doing in the middle of this incredible natural area? 

Grabbing it, string and all, I hiked to the ranger station to share my discovery, in case there were more “out there”.  That’s when they told me of the tons of trash (and gobs of balloons) that filter into the park and its adjacent lands that are annoying to staff and dangerous to plants and animals. UGH!

My brain yelled…    Where does all the trash come from?       Who collects it all?        What could be done?


I found answers to questions 1 and 2, but #3 ???  The park staff was working hard to solve this ongoing and ever-increasing problem. So, I thought about the thousands of kids I have known and how many of them were helpful, kind, and interested in the world.  And how many more are on the earth now??? ~ Just waiting to do something good!


          THEY are the “people” to start with.  

          THEY will help save the deserts, the oceans and other land areas. 

          THEY will make a difference. 

          THEY are the caretakers of the future! 

Santiago and friends were created to help begin the education to get this issue resolved.

                                                                                     Let’s DO THIS!

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"...truly a lesson that should inspire readers in all parts of the world."

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