NATIONAL RECYCLING DAY 2021 is November 15th...What will you do??? What land area will you help protect???

According to National Geographic, Americans send 64 tons of waste to landfills during their lifetime. YUCK!!!


GLOBAL RECYCLING DAY 2021 is March 18th ...Will you help? Maybe try plalkingplogging or pliking!

What do those mean?  See the definitions below...


The following is a list of organizations that are free and safe to access on the topics of the environment, animals and plants as well as recycling. 

National Park Service                                         

National Geographic Kids-Animals

National Institute of Environmental Health for Kids-Recycling


Information gleaned from an article in Washington Post about the National Parks and Subaru Zero Landfill Initiative...

Visitors to National Parks leave 100 million pounds of trash each year.

That would fill up the Statue of Liberty 1800 times!

You can help!

  • Get a reusable cup (reduce 58 billion cups to landfills each year)

  • Bring your own bottle (stop 2.5 million bottles each hour from being tossed)

  • No plastic bags (eliminate the need for plastics and get a reusable bag)

  • Take what you bring in (remove your own trash and pick up any you see)

Even Mirriam-Webster dictionary is getting in step...Although not all of these words made it into the dictionary, they will soon!                 www.


Plogging  is a term invented by Erik Ahlström. It refers to the act of picking up trash

and litter while jogging. It comes from the Swedish term plocka upp,

which means "to pick up," and jogging. 


Watch for these new words...people are already using them as they work!

  • pliking - when someone who hikes or bikes and picks up trash

  • plalking - when someone who walks picks up trash

WHICH WILL YOU START DOING???  Don't forget a trash bag and gloves.


"Do one thing everyday that scares you."
 Eleanor Roosevelt